Total Sports Coaching was formed with the aim of increasing the opportunities for young players to participate in a range of sports in a fun environment. This would be through working in schools providing after school, breakfast and lunchtime clubs. Healthy Living programmes are also provided as well as open to all programmes outside of school hours. Total Sports Coaching has also devised specific programmes to fit the national curriculum with the aim of delivering this in school hours. All our session plans and schemes of work are designed by teachers so that they fit the demands of Ofsted. A special ‘Tiny Tots’ programme for younger players between 3 and 5 is also available to help the younger age groups and nurseries.

As well as basic open to all programmes the Total Sports Football Academy was set up to push those gifted and talented players onto the next level. The aim of the academy is to coach the more advanced football players and progress them on to the next level. The Academy players still play for their club teams and play occasional fixtures against professional clubs for the academy, so far the Academy has competed against Gillingham FC, Crystal Palace FC and West Ham United. TSC players have gone on to be signed by these professional clubs.

Due to the success of the original academy based in Thanet a new venue in Faversham was opened for the start of the 2013/14 season.

Our concentration is not mainly on football as it is a known fact that at a young age players should participate in a range of sports as this helps develop the motor skills that aid balance, agility and co-ordination. By playing a variety of sports at a young age it will help players reach a higher standard once they concentrate on one specific sport as they reach their teenage years.