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The TSC Coaching Academy is designed for sixth form students who have an interest in developing as a sports coach.

The objective of the coaching scholarship is to work with students who have an interest in teaching or coaching, to help them develop skills that will help them in any potential career. The coaching scholarship is a 30 week programme which is carried out during the school academic year. The 2 year programme will be during the school day alongside the students academic studies.

The coaching scholarship will help to give them practical experience in coaching children as well as studying the theoretical side of coaching. They will get to work alongside coaches with a lot of experience to help guide their learning. The students will study a Level 3 Sports Leadership qualification which also gains the student UCAS points. As well as this the students will receive a fund to undertake a National Governing Body Coaching Qualification.

The students will work within the primary school at St Georges as well as in the community to gain experience, as well as having coaching courses in their chosen discipline funded for them.

The places are limited to 4 students per year on the coaching scholarship.


Opportunity to gain practical experience of coaching children

Opportunity to learn from current full time TSC coaching staff

They will receive visits from outside organisations and speakers to help with their coaching journey

They will complete the Sports Leaders LEvel 3 Qualification which can earn you UCAS points

They will receive a fund of up to £200 in their second year to complete a NGB coaching qualification of their choice.

Voluntary coaching hours for their CV which can help with job and university applications.







Employment with TSC/Schools – For students who want to immediately pursue a career in sports coaching there may be the opportunity of employment with TSC after they finish their studies. They may also be able to gain employment within schools due to their CV and experience.

University – For those who are applying tor university they will be able to boast on their CV about the amount of voluntary hours they have performed as well as the coaching qualifications they have gained. This would hopefully give them an advantage over other applicants.

Apprenticeships/traineeships – For students who are looking to go into an apprenticeship/traineeship, they should have a great chance due to their boosted CV. They will have recognised qualifications as well as showing their history of volunteering and experience in coaching.

Life skills – It goes without saying that this programme will help develop a variety of life skills that are needed for students to succeed in their future. They will have to take huge responsibility for themselves as well as for others in their care. Adding the extra programme on top of their studies will be demanding on their time, which they will need to manage. As well as this working with children is not always an easy task, so they will develop communication skills that will help them in the future.

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