The TSC Challenge launches in February 2016 and is a fun way of developing dribbling, shooting, passing and other football skills.

All players on our soccer schools practice these skills and then in the afternoon part of the soccer schools are put through a variety of drills to test out their dribbling, shooting, passing and various other skills. This is all done in a fun way and the objective is to keep improving your own score. Each player receives a certificate at the end of the day with their scores on and their total score.

The best scores will go on to the TSC Hall of Fame Leaderboard on the website and they can see where they fit among the best ever TSC scores.

Thats not all…..

The TSC challenge is finished with a timed football obstacle course which is called ‘The Ultimate’ Players will receive a time for this and there will also be a leaderboard for this on our website.

Good luck to everyone involved in the TSC Challenge….who will be the best???